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This site reflects my current passion for photographing birds.

I have been photographing for over 50 years; and am now retired from a satisfying profession beginning in Biochemistry, and ending in Biomedical Photography.

Below are links to my most recent nature photography. Hopefully you will find as much enjoyment in viewing it as I do in creating it.


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May 25, 2016

At Big Cottonwood Park East, with a little diligent searching, you might find a gorgeous male Bullock's Oriole (or two!).


Below is a series showing the bird working feverishly to locate and collect insects (assuming there are fledglings close by)...


















All of these images are compromised in quality due to the feverish pitch this bird manifested while foraging for a family!















May 22, 2016

The throngs of Western Tanagers have exited Big Cottonwood Park, leaving behind such birds as:

White-crowned Sparrow



male American Goldfinch



and plenty of Audubon's Yellow-rumped Warblers!



















May 15 2016

Finally, Big Cottonwood Park East has some new birds... some migrants and some who will nest there!

For several days, I've been enjoying an unbelievable number of Western Tanagers there...






Also there, to nest, are multiple numbers of Black-headed Grosbeaks!







Yellow-rumped Warblers are there in good numbers...but they aren't easy to photograph!!



There have been several female Lazuli Buntings, with no males being seen yet!



female Lazuli Bunting



Bullock's Orioles, such as this male, are present, and likely to nest there.






But the most enjoyable migrant, to me is the Western Tanager!







I've only seen 2 females among dozens of male Western Tanagers!



Female Western Tanager



Northern Rough-winged Swallows are seen there...



Here's another male Black-headed Grosbeak from yesterday.



The Western Tanagers are extremely busy foraging (including the process of catching insects in flight, like Flycatchers do).



I was fortunate to see just a few Tanagers that would hold still for a photograph...




With this one being my favorite!










May 6, 2016

I'm now seeing some expected migrant birds appearing where I walk...

Male American Goldfinch...

Murray/Jordan River Parkway







Black-headed Grosbeak male from Big Cottonwood Park East









Male Western Tanager, Big Cottonwood Park East.



Female Western Tanager, same park...



Northern Rough-winged Swallow, Jordan Parkway



Another one...



Non-migrating birds are active also.

California Quail...




"Alien" Eurasian Collared Dove, Jordan Parkway




becoming airborne...










April 29, 2016

On the Murray/Jordan River Parkway trail going southward, just before you go under the bridge at Interstate 215, you might encounter a colony of Ground Squirrels in the open field!


















April 21, 2016

The Murray/Jordan River Parkway is temporarily my favorite walk these days, with new birds practically every time I visit there!

A pair of Cinnamon Teal, on the river, late to migrate!



The area has lots of Northern Red-shafted Flickers nesting!



On Mill Race Pond, a Great Blue Heron lifted off as I arrived.






A pair of Killdeer were nesting near the pond...



Nice birds to photograph...




This Killdeer feigned being wounded, to distract people with dogs!




The river has several Belted Kingfishers, this one being a male.



And, finally... Northern Rough-winged Swallows are back!















April 20, 2016

Concluding my earlier Mill Race Park Pond photo-success,

here is a series of FOY Swainson's hawk being harassed by an American Kestrel!















Finally rid of the pesky Kestrel!




Another FOY bird, a Caspian Tern hitting the pond surface after a trout




The Tern was successful; and while it exited, an American Pelican decided to try and steal the fish!




but was unsuccessful!



The Caspian Tern circled, gaining altitude...






The bird attempted to swallow the fish while in flight.



The bird succeeded in devouring the fish while in mid air.















April 17, 2016

Yesterday, on my walk along the Murray/Jordan river Parkway, I had numerous opportunities to photograph interesting new birds, which I will post as time allows.

This post features FOY Ospreys I located at Mill Race Pond.


A lone Osprey had settled in a tree overhanging the pond...







Other birds became my objective until a 2nd Osprey

appeared above me!









I noticed (as you might already have done), this Osprey

was banded!



It had bands on both legs. The left leg sported a blue-white band with:

"M2" clearly legible!



The banded bird decided to rest on a power pole some distance from the original Osprey, still perched in its tree.



2nd Osprey







Eventually, the 2nd bird became airborne and plucked a fish out of the pond. Here you see it with both bands distinctly seen. This bird exited the area.




The original bird (no bands) became airborne, tried to capture fish, but was unsuccessful, and ended up in the tree as I exited







More to come, showing other interesting behavior with other birds!












April 15, 2016

On a heavily overcast day, I encountered this Red-tailed Hawk high atop the tallest power pole, a short distance from the Murray/Jordan river Parkway path.

I was impressed with the interesting feather pattern on its breast.



The next images are a series of the bird in flight.
















Not the best of lighting conditions, but I'm thankful for what I had!.










April 11, 2016

The Jordan River Parkway continues to reward me with new birds as I exercise there!

2 Double-crested Cormorants sunning above the river...




A close-up of one...





A male Downy Woodpecker was busy constructing a (hole) nest!




Later, the bird had disappeared, but the 'nest' was remarkable!



A 'light-morph' Red-tailed hawk soared overhead...






A male Belted Kingfisher captured the smallest "Dojo" (Asian Weatherfish) I've ever seen, downing it almost immediately!



This male was in the process of 'courting' a female close by...



Another male was seen landing on a high limb on this dead tree.






The bird employed its "Alula feathers" (atop the wing on either side) to Stall while landing.






The male sat, watching for fish activity below...



I was delighted to locate a Merlin... here in the process of landing



I'm venturing a guess that this is a juvenile TAIGA Merlin.




Stunning falcon...



On the lookout for a meal...



He saw something below!




and was on his way!












April 6, 2016

A stroll along the Jordan river provided me with some photo-opportunities...

A Double-crested Cormorant landed, using its tail to slow its speed!






The Cormorant began catching recently-stocked Trout!



A back-lit male Mallard provided me a "stop-action" flight opportunity...



A male Red-shafted Northern Flicker was doing some 'house-cleaning',

in anticipation of nesting!



Birds are in process of nesting, as seen here, with a Black-capped Chickadee collecting nesting material.



An American Crow was also collecting nesting material!



A female Belted Kingfisher had a mate nearby...



As seen here...



An American Robin stood stationary in the water for a long time before it...




began its bath!




A close-up of the activity reveals a rapid spinning of its head in the process of bathing!



A Muskrat casually swam away from me here.














April 1, 2016

Be on the lookout, on some of our deeper local fisheries here in the valley,

for: Male Red-breasted Merganser




This male is particularly "well-dressed" for breeding...




One of the best specimens I've ever encountered!



He settled down from a stretching episode!














March 30, 2016

Antelope Island traditionally has at least 2 species of birds that can be relied upon at this time of year!

The singing Western Meadowlark!




and Chuckars!



Looking skyward...



slightly overcast skies produce a nice photo-result!














March 23, 2016

Overcast conditions outside... I turned my attention towards a lovely orchid.

Using my trusty Nikon 300mm f4 PF lens and an off-camera flash, I created the image below!

(works extremely well for close-up as well as distance.)










March 22, 2016

An overcast, rainy day that provided 2 Cedar Waxwings!












March 21, 2016

A very few birds were available to me; however, 2 different species in flight was a treat!

Cedar Waxwing taking flight...




Red-winged Blackbird also...




3 separate "poses" from a Dark-eyed Junco: frontal view along with two "profiles"!






I've had my Nikon 300mm f4 E PF lens X 1.4 TC for over a year, and I continue to marvel over the sharp results!










March 18, 2016

March is the month that traditionally boasts the appearance of Hooded Mergansers at Mehreban Wetlands in Draper!

Hooded Merganser Pair



Female (left); 1st Year Male (right)






Another group...



Adult Pair in flight...




Adult Male in flight...






Adult male (front); 1st year male (mid-distance); female (back)



a stretch...







Black-billed Magpie also seen




Cedar Waxwing, also there...










March 17, 2016

A look at some birds presently found at Big Cottonwood Park East...

Male Red-wing Blackbird




Female Red-wing Blackbird



Harlan's Red-tailed Hawk...



American Crow...



American Kestrel






Male Mallard...








Spotted Towhee (3 views)






Backview, showing detail.



FOY Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle)




another view...




Last, a Song Sparrow!









March 11, 2016

I've now photographed, for the 2nd time, a little-known Fox behavior called,


It's spectacular to witness!

2 foxes stand on their hind legs, facing each other, with their front paws planted squarely on the opposing animal!

The most recent series is below...


A lone Fox saw another and quickly closed the distance between them.




This series was brief (approximately 10 seconds long); and suffers in quality due to distance and lighting.




The Foxes are in a "Fox Dance" position here!







There was no vocalization... all was quiet.




Less than 10 seconds and it was over.





In 2014 I captured a more successful and elaborate interaction that lasted minutes rather than seconds.

I've reproduced my "2014 Classic Fox Dance" here!


It was April, and a lone fox searched for a partner...



He located one, partially hidden in the April, 2014 foliage!



They encountered one another, appearing to fight, but with no vocalizing



Mouths agape, they took the traditional stance...



They began to rotate counter-clockwise!









These are just a few of my images from this experience!



They stopped, and saw me for the first time.

Game Over!











Below is a series of images depicting natural fox behavior.


A Fox on the run!!!

(Nothing chasing this critter; however he was moving FAST!)






Good detail here!






completely airborne!



The whole series was over in such a short time!













Two sleeping foxes, basking in the morning sun...




One fox became alert...



A 3rd Fox approached, rousing both animals peacefully



The newcomer was allowed...




to sit.




They noticed me...




providing me with a nice series, seen below!






I prefer not having animals staring at me...

But this trio 'posed' for me!!




Finally, back to Fox business, and ignoring me...






Sunshine and warmth brought sleep again!











Another day...

It's approaching Springtime; and here was a male Red Fox, moving aggressively toward a cowering female.






The male's aggressive stance has softened a bit here... the same with the more relaxed female.



At this point, the pair became "touchy-feely"!




However, romance disappeared as they discovered an oncoming intruder!



A lone adult decided to join the pair!




The 3 Red Foxes wandered off together at this time...




toward the location of a solitary SCREAMING Vixen!





Another set shows 2 different foxes "under the influence" of approaching Spring!





















They were watching other foxes moving about...



One "sly fox" appeared at the far right of the frame!




Close-up of the intruder and the female Fox













March 2, 2016

A brief interlude with a busy White-breasted Nuthatch!










March 1, 2016

A brief encounter with a few Red-breasted Nuthatches netted me these images!
























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