Rich B Young


Amazing Find... 7 NEOTROPIC CORMORANTS, May 2, 2010,

Millrace Park/Pond, Taylorsville, Ut.


Of all the times I've located and photographed Neotropic Cormorants, a

rare bird for the state of Utah, this opportunity was the ultimate experience! For the first time, I had access to both species (the common Double Crested and the Neotropics) in the same photos! It is significant since the difference in size is a telltale hallmark distinguishing the NECO from the more common DCCO.

Other than the Neotropic's smaller size, there are other unique features, such as the NECO's long tail, slimmer body, and unique facial characteristics that are distinctive.


Combine having both species in the same pictures, with discovering 7 Neotropic cormorants at the same location in northern Utah, and you

have a "slam dunk"!


Richard Young




Left to right: Juvenile DCCO, NECO, Adult DCCO.

(Pay particular attention to the smaller size of the Neotropic cormorant (NECO)

when compared to the Double Crested species)





Left to right: NECO, Adult DCCO, Juvenile DCCO





3 NECOs, 2 DCCOs




4 NECOs, 1 Juvenile DCCO



7 NECOs, 1 Juvenile DCCO



4 NECOs from Left side of above photo



1 Juvenile DCCO, 3 NECOs from right side of above photo