May 18, 2017

American White Pelicans,

"Kennecott Nature Center",

Murray, UT.


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Updated: May 26, 2017


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This site reflects my current passion for photographing birds.

I have been photographing for over 50 years; and am now retired from a satisfying profession beginning in Biochemistry, and ending in Biomedical Photography.

Below are links to my most recent nature photography. Hopefully you will find as much enjoyment in viewing it as I do in creating it.


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May 18, 2017

I'm finally back, now with some good birds from various locations!


During the 1st week in April, this year, I began photographing Mandarin Ducks seen below:

There were 4 present... 3 males and 1 female at an undisclosed area.


Earlier, in May,2015 I had located a Mandarin family there, which I, alone, photographed for over a month.


(Click HERE to see the extensive Mandarin Family series from 2015 .)


This year, while photographing, I was surprised to see several other photographers.

I asked how they knew about these Mandarin ducks!

Even though they didn't know each other, all had the same answer: "Facebook"!


The "Cat" is "out of the bag"!

Over a 3 day period that I tried to work the area that I studied 2 years earler, there were more new faces with huge telephotos... so many people that the birds took off, disappering upstream.

I gave up!

Apparently, the birds occasionally show up over time; but I prefer to leave the location alone.


Here are a few of this year's Mandarin ducks from Murray Park!

The 2 males...















Here is the mated pair...













May 26, 2017

From Big Cottonwood Park East, here are a few new birds...

A Yellow Warbler...



Yellow Warbler vocalizing...



Male Western Tanager!



2nd male Western Tanager



3rd male Western Tanager in direct sunlight






Finally, a Lark Sparrow!



A handsome male Bullock's Oriole!


He just grabbed a juicy green caterpiller!


The caterpiller will be a good source of protein!


One final image of the Oriole's dinner!


Some late afternoon images below of the male Bullock's Oriole...








Final image of Bullock's in Big Cottonwood East Park.


I discovered and posted the location of SORAS (several) in the pond!


I was successful in showing the birds to several birders over time...


I photographed them several days in a row!



In another post, I'll include a Sora from another location.


First of Year male Black headed Grosbeak!




Here we have a female Black headed Grosbeak in late evening...



I located a Western Wood Pewee (flycatcher) at Big Cottonwood East.






This gorgeous male American Goldfinch was a pleasure to photograph!










And this particular Western Tanager was also fun to capture digitally!




Here's a close up of a female Western Tanager...








Another Black headed Grosbeak on an overcast day...







And, finally, a breeding plumage Yellow rumped Warbler!





































































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