Rich B Young


Discovery of Neotropic Cormorants


Northern Utah

April 18, 2010


"Sandy Fishing Pond"

900 West Shields Lane

Near Jordan River Parkway, Sandy Ut.

April 18, 2010


Neotropic Pair

April 18, 2010




Avocet included for Size Comparison

April 18, 2010




Neotropic Cormorant Pair Lounging

on a tiny island microcosm occupied by other waterfowl

Sandy, Ut.

April 18, 2010




Cormorants beginning to wake up




A bit of stretching is in order



Another 'stretch'




Birds preparing to go fishing....







Cruising for Trout

















Dinner complete for one of two birds!




Number 1, retiring to the island after a hefty trout dinner




Drying out in the warm April sun...




Number 2 comes back without success regarding fishing!



End of Story