Rich B Young



January 15 , 2014


Yesterday, an afternoon walk along the Jordan River going south from Shield's Lane produced only a very few birds!


However, bathed in the afternoon sun was a duck among Mallards that stood out like something from Outer Space!


It was a bird that I had always wanted to locate and photograph, with no real hope of doing so!

A PINTAIL X MALLARD MALE HYBRID, decked out in extraordinary iridescent feathers, offered itself to my camera!


I emphasize the bird's iridescence, since, with every move the bird transformed itself due to the strong afternoon sun frontlight!




For my non-birder readers, I've post this panel below to illustrate the result of successful mating between a Northern Pintail and a Mallard .





Hybrid Pintal X Mallard... Compare the images below, as the bird moved about, and its color changed dramaticly due to its iridescence!

























I don't expect to have an encounter with one of these birds again in my lifetime!





How does this duck compare with a Greenhead Mallard?

See a group of them below:




End of Story...


Richard B. Young