Rich B Young

Birds Photographed

Along the Salt Lake/Jordan River

Parkway, 2009-14


A quick peek...


Below are birds listed in alphabetical order from the Jordan River Corridor/Parkway

Clicking on the name of a bird will display images of that bird.

This bird INDEX is a work in progress as of January 2014!


American Coot


American Kestrel


American Magpie


American Robin


American Tree Sparrow


American White Pelican


American Wigeon


Belted Kingfisher


Black Capped Chickadee




Bullock's Oriole


California Quail


Canada/Snow Goose


Cedar Waxwings


Common Nighthawk


Cooper's Hawk


Dark Eyed Juncos


Double Crested Cormorants


European Starling




Goldeneyes: Common and Barrow's


Great Blue Heron


Green Winged Teal


Hermit Thrush


House Finch

House Sparrow




Lesser Scaup






Mourning Dove


Neotropic Cormorant


Northern Flicker


Northern Harrier


Northern Pintail


Northern Shoveler




Pied Billed Grebe




Red Tailed Hawk


Red Winged Blackbird


Rock Dove


Ruddy Duck


Sharpshinned Hawk


Spotted Sandpiper


Spotted Towhee


White Crowned Sparrow


Wood Duck


Yellow Rumped Warbler