Rich B Young


"Gular Flutter; Gular Panting"


The following images demonstrate moments when Neotropic

and Double Crested Cormorants are 'panting' to cool themselves

on hot days in July

at Mill Race Pond, Taylorsville, Utah

July 2010

Note: April 24, 2012

Video of NECO "gular flutter" can be seen




Here we see an adult Neotropic Cormorant, breeding plumage, 'panting' to control

its body temperature. Notice the swollen area in the throat. Here is where you would see the fast vibration of gular and throat.

Notice also, the Gular sac has some visible pink coloration; but not as distinct

as seen in other activities: "Social Signaling"; "Breeding"



Here we see a Juvenile NECO, also demonstrating both "Gular Flutter"


slight pink coloration in the Gular sac.



Contrast the distinctive Gular Coloration and morphology of these Double Crested

Cormorants with the NECO images above.



Contrast also, this Juvenile Double Crested Cormorant in the act of "Gular Flutter",

with the Juvenile Neotropic Cormorant above.



Neotropic Cormorant (left) and Double Crested Cormorant (right),

in the process of body temperature regulation via "Gular Flutter".